TO: Missouri District Test Coordinator
FROM: DRC Customer Service
DATE: September 21, 2020

RE: Materials Ordering Window

The ACCESS for ELLs and Alternate ACCESS for ELLs Materials Ordering Window for your state will take place Monday, September 28, 2020 through Thursday, November 5, 2020. If you are administering the ACCESS or Alternate ACCESS test, you must place a materials order regardless of testing mode (online or paper). Please be advised that if you do not order tests for your school or district during this timeframe, you WILL NOT receive any materials in the initial materials shipment.  

Pre-ID labels are ordered separately through the district or state, but will be included in the initial materials shipment regardless of materials ordered.

Please view the Ordering Materials training course found within the WIDA Secure Portal.   

All ACCESS for ELLs test materials will be ordered from DRC using WIDA AMS.  Test Coordinators will need to follow the test materials ordering procedures outlined in the WIDA Assessment Management (WIDA AMS) User Guide located in WIDA AMS under All Applications > General Information > Documents.  

How to Order Materials:
  1. Log into WIDA AMS.
  2. Click Materials > Materials Ordering.
  3. Choose the Administration MO ACCESS for ELLs - 2020 - 2021.
  4. Click Show Materials.
WIDA AMS requires users to enter enrollments for each school rather than at the district level.  Likewise, District/School labels are generated at the school level.

Districts or school users will enter student counts at each grade level as applicable.  You only need to enter counts at grades for which you have students testing.  An overage will be provided based upon the materials that are ordered during the ordering window.  Please do not increase your numbers for the sake of having extras.

All students to be tested must be included in the student counts, even if they are only testing online and do not need paper materials. As shown below, counts for online testers should be entered into the Online Order Grid.  Counts for paper testers should be entered into the Paper Order Grid.  There are also grids for Kindergarten, Alternate ACCESS for ELLs, and customized materials (large print and Braille).  

Screenshots from WIDA AMS Materials Ordering
Please do NOT add the initial materials orders to the District-Level Additional Orders Only site, as this is used for additional materials orders only.  Please place your initial materials order under the correct district and school.

Materials Ordering Notes:
Grades 1-3 students testing Writing on paper must be placed in the Online Order Grid.  DRC will automatically send a mix of tiered writing booklets for those grades.

For grades 4-5 writing domain administered online, your state chose a default response mode of keyboarding.  Please enter the student counts using keyboarding on the Online Order Grid.  

No grades 6-12 writing response booklets will be sent in the initial shipment.  If those booklets are needed, they will need to be ordered during your state's additional materials ordering window found on your state page on the WIDA Website.

Summary and Status:
A district can monitor summary and status of materials ordering using the Summary and Status Reports menu tabs within Material Ordering.

An order that has been saved will show In Progress. Those that have been marked complete will show as Complete.  A completed order can be edited throughout the course of the materials ordering window.  All orders In Progress or Complete will be accepted at the end of the ordering window.   

Ship-To Location:
A key step in materials ordering is confirming the shipping address.  If the school is a location that will receive materials, the shipping address will be at the bottom of the materials ordering tab for that school.  Selecting Save or Complete confirms that shipping information.  

If the district is the location that will receive the materials, the shipping address will be under the district filter and visible with the school filter set to All.

For more detailed instructions on ordering, please refer to the WIDA Assessment Management (WIDA AMS) User Guide located in WIDA AMS under All Applications > General Information > Documents.  The District and School Test Coordinator Manual also provides an overview of the steps for ordering and receiving materials.  This document can be found on the WIDA Secure Portal under Download Library.

After your Materials Ordering Window closes, you may order testing materials for new students using the WIDA AMS > Materials > Additional Materials functionality.  Please use the overage materials that were sent in the initial shipment before ordering additional materials.  The Additional Materials window for your state opens on Monday, December 7, 2020.

Please contact DRC Customer Support with any questions at or 1-855-787-9615.