TO:                        District Test Coordinators (DTCs) & District Information Technology Coordinators (DITCs)

FROM:                  Data Recognition Corporation (DRC) Program Team

DATE:                   November 18, 2020

SUBJECT:            DRC Technology Updates

This memo is to inform you of a few updates that have been made to the Technology User Guide and information about the new M1 Mac processor.  

Technology User Guide
The table below summarizes the changes to the November 18, 2020 revision of the DRC Technology User Guide. The updated Technology User Guide is located in the Portal under My Applications > General Information > Documents.
New M1 Mac Processor
Apple just released new M1 Mac processors for their new Mac products: MacBook Air, 13-inch MacBook Pro, and Mac mini (this does not impact iPads). This new processor requires us to release an updated version of the DRC INSIGHT Secure Browser for macOS since the application currently crashes when used by the new processor. The new version, MacOS v11.0.1, is planned for release on Dec 17, 2020. Since only the new devices need the updated release, we will not require existing macOS devices to be updated. If your district has sites planning to purchase these devices, please have them hold on installing the DRC INSIGHT Secure Browser until Dec 18, 2020, otherwise they will need to re-install the application.