TO:  Technology Coordinators
From: DRC Customer Support
DATE:   November 23, 2020

RE:   ACCESS and Screener Technology Updates - New Allowlist URLs

On the evening of Tuesday, November 24, 2020, DRC will be performing an infrastructure update to our internal services that distribute test content from DRC servers. This change does not impact content currently hosted on your COS Service Devices or their configuration.  However, it does impact the list of URLs that need to be allowed on your network.   Once this update is complete, you will need to add two additional URLs to the list of URLs you allow through your content filtering systems or other proxy/firewall software used for ACCESS or Screener tests.  

The two new URLs are:

These and the current allowlist URLs can also be found in the System Requirements and Testing Information section of the Technology User Guide. The TUG can be found in WIDA AMS under My Applications > General Information > Documents.   The URLs in bold include all new URLs for 2020-2021.
Please contact DRC Customer Support with any questions at or 1-855-787-9615.